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Fig 106: Adjustable Anchor Rod for Fireproofed Beams

Service Application:Recommended for the support of major piping directly to building steel where concrete slabs are not designed for heavy concentrated loads. Can be used for direct attachment to a pipe hanger and to attach supplementary structural steel to building stucture. Field installation simply requires drilling one hole through concrete form and placing anchor rod into hole and onto beam. The anchor rod is secured in position by bending the retaining strap around beam flange. The threaded end is protected from concrete seepage and abrasions by a molded plastic coating. Eight basic body sizes cover the entire range of wide flange beams and are avilable in all rod diameters up to 1-1/2". When installed all adjustable anchor rods have a minimum of 8" of rod exposed below the concrete fireproofing. The retaining strap has sufficient length to wrap around the widest flange width in its range.
Finish:Black or painted.
Ordering:Specify body size, rod size, figure number and finish.
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