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Fig R-2: Sheet Metal Sleeve Clip

Service Application:When setting steel pipes with Fig R-1 Pipe Clip there's no more welding of lugs, bolting of fishplates, or other profit-robbing operations. When setting sheet metal sleeves with Fig R-2 Sleeve Clip there's no more lost motion in measuring, hand-cutting and off-line bending of sleeve flanges which can throw sleeves into a "crooked position." Shop Foreman and fabricators and some remote point do not have to imagine or second-guess actual job conditions as related to the location of pans, columns, other sleeves, etc. Workers install clips instantly right on the job and the position is exactly as required. No loss of time or material. Designed for holding sheet metal sleeves 16 gauge and lighter from 1-1/2" to almost any large diameter. Any other material of same thickness may also be used. Clips are fabricated from tough, heat-treated spring steel. They measure full 1-1/4" across base for maximum strength. Single center leg design practically eliminates obstruction inside sleeve.
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