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Fig 1007: Cylinder Pipe Guide (Split)

Service Application:Cylinder type pipe alignment guides, solid or split, provide a most compact, economical and positive method of directing pipe line movement along the axis of the pipe. Proper alignment of the adjoining pipe is of vital importance in the proper functioning of expansion joints in the line. A pipe hanger or roller support which only takes the weight of the line cannot take the place of a pipe guide. In locating pipe alignment guides, it is recommended that the first pipe guide be located a maximum distance of four pipe diameters from the expansion joint. The use of a single pipe alignment guide should be avoided since it may act as a fulcrum, imposing lateral deflection or angular rotation in the expansion joint due to pipe movement other than axial. Housing will be rotated 45 degrees, as shown in schematic, if dimension "X" is required for clearance. guides can be furnished without feet or otherwise modified to suit field conditions.
Finish:Painted or galvanized.
Ordering:When ordering, specify figure number, pipe size, thickness of insulation and guide size number. Rotation of cylinder for clearance and elimination or modification of feet must be specified.
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